Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just... everywhere! - #AtoZChallenge #PhotoadayApril

You may recall The Horseradish Incident of 2012... well I suppose this is something of a continuation of that story (much to my husband's joy, I am sure).

To bring any new readers up to date, we have established that horseradish mixed with steak sauce and slathered on tri tip steak is super yummy. Related, my husband sometimes suffers at the dinner table (and not always because of my cooking).

So there I was, innocently eating my horseradish and steak sauce slathered steak when suddenly something wet hits my arm. I looked down with a "what the..." then back up at Lenny.

It seems I failed to screw the top back onto the steak sauce bottle.

And Lenny shook it...


And steak sauce went just... everywhere! All over his face (which was dripping with it), his shirt, the floor, the table cloth, my arm, my shirt, the dog... but not the kid, she was happy to report that she wasn't hit.

So, again, I did what any loving wife would do, I laughed my ass off. Related: I need to keep my camera by my side at all times.

I found the top of the bottle clear across the kitchen and am now doing laundry. I swear, the most absurd things happen around me... and I love every one of them.

Well, most of them at least.

Updated: Google apparently reads my blog...


Today's photo challenge is "where you ate breakfast," which just so happens to be where I ate dinner. This picture is before the steak sauce incident

See that jacket? That was also covered in steak sauce... 


  1. This is hilarious, and even more so because the same type of thing has happened to me before, only I was the dummy who didn't screw the lid down so it was all my fault.

    Found you through the A-Z challenge. Great blog.

    -- david j.

  2. This is sooooo funny--and makes me hungry, too!

    I love your blog--what a fun family!

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge. Take care!

  3. Here is my idea: Recreate the incident with a whole new FULL bottle of steak sauce. You are welcome for this fabulous idea.

  4. Funny. My hubby always used to say that he could easily win Fear Factor contest by hogging down maggot juice, spider soups and frog entree without single sign of disgust and I am to be congratulated for years of training.
    Looks like men are same everywhere :)

  5. Horseradish? I wonder why it's called horseradish. Does it look like a horse? ;) Great Google likes your blog!


    A to Z co-host

  6. Oh WHAT wouldn't I have given to have been there for that! Great post!