Monday, February 13, 2012

The Horseradish Incident of 2012

This is the tale of three bottles of horseradish.

Bottle #1 had been living in the refrigerator for a few months, half full. At some point the top came off of it and much of the horseradish's bite had faded by the time it was replaced. Past its "best by" date, but hey... it's horseradish, it found happiness in first my belly and then my husband's mixed with steak sauce and sopped up with delicious tri-tip steak. I added so much horseradish to my steak sauce that it would have easily counted as a vegetable serving.

Wait... is horseradish a vegetable?

Oh well, no matter...

Within a short period of time, Bottle #1 was empty and we moved on to Bottle #2, which was also half full. The difference was immediately noticeable and the ratio of horseradish to steak sauce was immediately modified. However this bottle was also past its "best by" date and we still added liberal amounts of horseradish to our steak sauce.

No, I have no idea how/why we ended up with two half full bottles of horseradish in the fridge...

Before long we were out of horseradish, so my husband purchased two more bottles of Beaver Brand Extra Hot Horseradish - which, by the way, is very yummy...

Note: My husband refused to pose with the bottle.
So once again it was steak night. Lenny spooned out a liberal helping of horseradish and mixed it with some steak sauce, coated a piece of steak with the mixture and popped it in his mouth.

Immediately his chair shot back about a foot as he gripped the table and croaked "Oh My God!"

I did what anyone would do... I laughed.

"Not funny!" he choked out, bolting to the sink with tears in his eyes.

I thought he'd run to the sink to spit the steak out, but no he later explained after gulping down a full glass of water, he thought he was going to have a NOSE BLEED from the strength of the horseradish. He told me his upper lip hurt, from the inside where it attached to his nose.

I was, of course, still chuckling and eating my horseradish in moderation for the rest of the meal. He told me I wasn't nice to laugh, but I retorted... and these are words to live by my friends...
If you're going to laugh about it later, you may as well laugh about it now.


  1. a jar in the hand is better than two halves in the fridge?

    That's hilarious, too bad you don't have a picture of poor Lenny in the throes.

  2. I agree Corinne, those pictures would have been fantastic. And I wouldn't have had to write more than... "Horseradish" to go with them LOL