Sunday, August 7, 2011

Film Noir

I'm doing another photo challenge, and this week's theme is Film Noir. What's that? ""Film Noir" is a genre of film between 1940 and 1960, originating in the United States, employing heavy shadows and patterns of darkness, in which the protagonist dies, meets defeat, or achieves meaningless victory in the end."

Not sure if these fit the bill, but it was fun. I have the best husband ever - it was still 104 degrees outside and he put on a dress shirt, dress pants, an overcoat and a fedora for me.


  1. I see it morphed into a mashup of noir and a romance novel cover in that last shot. ;-)

    Nice photos. Very nice work.

  2. I love this! He reminds me of someone that was in those gangster movies - he looks all tough

  3. OMG How did I miss these? They are terrific! Hi Lenny! It's your turn on WWF. ;) Don't shoot me.