Friday, September 25, 2009

Binky Addiction - the sucky truth

Binky addiction is real, my friends.

As shown here, a young victim of binky addiction succumbs to its power.

Whatever will become of her?

My child suffers from this addiction. While binky privileges are currently limited to nap time and bed time, she exhibits all the signs of a little addict.

I swear! She'll be playing quietly in her room and if you look in on her she's fished her binky out of the bed and is quietly sucking on it. The moment she realizes you're there she either opens her mouth and lets it drop out or she palms it. One day I held out my hand and she guiltily handed the binky over. I turned to leave and the child pulled another binky out from under her leg and went to pop it in her mouth!

I've also caught her pulling the binky out, giving it a few quick sucks and sliding it back under the covers on her bed, her furtive movements akin to smokers sneaking a cigarette.

Now we've gotten a certain amount of flack from Lenny's dad on the topic and I know others look down on it, but I think she's slowly breaking the addiction. I hear that she falls to sleep without it at school (little brat), so I now know that she really CAN fall asleep without it.

It's a hard habit for both of us to break tho, when I can say "Angie, it's time for a nap" and it's like I never said anything, but if I follow up with "you can have binky" she immediately drops what she's doing and runs for her room.

So, I guess that makes me an enabler. That's ok, it could be worse... I recently read an article about aging hippies/baby boomers hitting up their grown kids for pot connections. In my current worst case scenario Angie will be in high school sucking on a binky and the boys will all avoid her - and hey, I can live with that! So can her father who often says "she can date when I'm dead." :)