Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unicorns vs. Zombies - #AtoZChallenge

I've had this discussion/argument several times... if zombies were to go up against unicorns who would prevail?

Several people argue that the unicorns would win because they have magic.
Rumor has it that they poop rainbows

On the other hand, Zombies are pretty much indestructible, and could easily fend off rainbow pooping glorified goats (thanks Bridget!).

Even if they puked rainbows...

Or pooped marshmallows 

(Sorry, that picture was too perfect not to share)

However, no matter what argument unicorn lovers come up with, there are two things they cannot argue...

1. Chances are we'd end up with Zombie Unicorns

Unicorn Zombie

2. Unicorns aren't real, but we all know Zombies are...

If you have an alternative argument, let's hear it! :)

Today's photo prompt just doesn't work well with my U topic... "something you're grateful for". (No, sorry, not grateful for unicorns, nor zombies)

Since it's some "thing," not someone, that I am grateful for I'd have to say it's my digital camera... I love it. And I have to say that I am super grateful for digital cameras period because I have taken roughly 13,000 pictures in the last five years. Can you imagine if I had to purchase and pay to develop that much film??? 

But, since this is a photo a day challenge, here's a recent picture that I thought was cute :)

NomNom watching Dad play WOW


  1. Nom Nom just turned into a zombie turtle. He's going to eat your husband's brains.

  2. Yay! Rainbows and marshmallows and Bridget, oh, my!

  3. Marshmallows are wonderful, aren't they? ;)
    #97 following

  4. Zombie unicorns? Holy crap we'd be screwed.

  5. well i hope i haven't shared this with you before--i know i have several times shared something about unicorns--but they are named in the bible--i am going to research it later today, as i can't remember where--but know they are--so unicorns all the way ;)

  6. Zombie unicorns? That sounds like a very bad children's book idea.

    Nom Nom's a cutie. My tortoises would love to play a video game (or in a doll house, like in your previous T post.) :)

    Happy A-Z!