Monday, April 23, 2012

Tortoise - #AtoZChallenge

A turtle lives in the water, a tortoise lives on land. Let's face it though, turtle is easier to say, spell and read.

I thought I'd share some more pictures of NomNom with you, because quite frankly I am a bit burnt out on blogging this month :)

Woah... what IS that? (she just kept staring at it, I didn't know what to think!)

So... we meet again...

Wow... this is awesome!

Nothing to see here folks, just ignore the huge turtle in the corner.... Zzzzzzz....
You know... I just realized, I have no idea how she managed to get into that corner without knocking over the table...  LOL

Don't forget, NomNom has her own Facebook page! Come on, give a turtle a like!

Oh, and today's photo prompt: Vegetable

Everyone's favorite veggie - a pickled cucumber!


  1. NomNom is cute! My daughter has that dollhouse. She loves animals, and I bet she'd love to find NomNom in it. :)

  2. Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge and enjoyed meeting NomNom. Our pup, Sadie, has her own blog but not a Facebook page. I'm impressed! ;-)

  3. Cute turtle! I can relate to the blogging burnout :D

    Happy A to Z-ing!