Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Migraine Pantie Packs

I had a horrible headache today. It felt like twin chisels being pounded into my temples. I mentioned this on Twitter and a helpful tweep suggested that Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and works great for headaches.

Good to know. I could have used a handful today.

Note to self: Buy Magnesium.

So I mention this to my friend Andrea who suffers from migraines a lot. She tells me about cervical injections that the AZ Pain Center offers for permanent migraine relief.

Apparently men may be on to something when they suggest that sex relieves headaches.

Andrea confirmed this - orgasms are a proven natural remedy for migraines (she is the expert) but the pain returns when the afterglow fades.

So this gets me thinking...

If orgasms cure headaches the manufacturers of those vibrating panties should jump all over that.

Yes, I am a marketing genius (actually, Andrea and I are a formidable team when presented with an opportunity - watch out world).

Imagine this... Migraine Pantie Packs!

Each kit includes: One pair of vibrating panties, one bottle of Magnesium, Valerian (another herbal known to help with headaches), Sprite (for the accompanying nausea), caffeine pills, a heating pad, ice mask/light blocker, ear plugs and a sign for your doorknob that reads "Go the F*@& Away, RIGHT NOW!"

Frequent migraine sufferers could have one Migraine Pantie Pack at work and one at home.

I'm thinking that the panties and Magnesium might come in handy for particularly stressful days at work period, headache or no... (just sayin').