Friday, February 6, 2009

The week of bodily functions and new rules

Monday night I read aloud to my husband that a friend had changed her status on Facebook to something along the lines of "Jenn hate it when the twins let go a floater in the tub... Ewww!" I laughed and proudly patted Angie on the head for never doing that to me.

I spoke too soon... Tuesday night, mid-bath she stood up, grunted and started me on an adventure to at once get her out of the tub - MUCH to her displeasure - keep her from getting back into the tub while I tried to pour out the water in the tub and remove the offending floater. My ever-helpful husband rushed in to help when the crisis was over. LOL and then only to laugh at me... the bugger... :)

Bad enough, eh? Well we're not done yet...

Thurday night's bath ended uneventfully enough. I had told Angie sternly at the start that I didn't want to see any more floaters. At some point it seems I have determined that no response is actually one form of agreement when coming from either Angie or Lenny, but I digress...

So Angie was streaking around the house again, as she always does while I clean up the bathroom after her and suddenly I hear Lenny yelling from the family room. Oh no... Oh yes... Angie tinkled on the floor right next to his chair. Since Daddy does not do this, I can no longer go with the assumption that she's trying to copy him (as I had below).

So this week we've instituted some new rules, ones I never thought we'd have the books...

  1. No pooping in the tub.
  2. No peeing on the carpet or the floor in general for that matter (this was already in place for the puppy)
  3. No more streaking. This one makes me sad, because streaking is fun. :(