Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Twitter is Awesome - #AtoZChallenge #PhotoaDayApril

There once was a Kobold named Grembleschmidt.

Grembleschmidt (Image from

We shall call him Gremble.

Gremble lived under the stairs.

The stairs. No, that's not Gremble... pay attention. Gremble is a KOBOLD. That's Guinness. He's just fat.
He also loved Pickles, because who doesn't, right? But the Pickles he loved was actually a cat...

who didn't much appreciate the loving. Why? Well because Gremble loved to write Haiku and Pickles never could get those things right... 

Really, who can?

Plus, Gremble was kind of smelly (sad, but true).

Then one day Pickles was hanging out on Twitter and saw a nice (if a bit nutty) lady tweeting about Haiku. One click later and he found a blog post about Haiku and giving away a prize! (True story, just click the link. Do it. Really.)

So Pickles wrote a Haiku...

Twitter is awesome.
Really and for true. Just look!
I learned to Haiku!

And Gremble and Pickles lived happily ever after, under the stairs.

The moral of the story...

So there I was on Twitter and I end up in a conversation with @Jillsmo and @therobotmommy about Haiku... I'm not even sure what it was about really, but there was also mention of kittens and stomping. Something about a blog post.

As you know, I'm doing the A to Z Challenge and mused, aloud (if you will) that I needed to blog about K and Stairs (today's photo challenge). 

Seriously... one thing led to another and suddenly there was a Kobold. It was determined that every Haiku was only made better with Pickles. The kobold lived under the stairs and his love for Pickles was not returned. Names for the kobold were suggested, and @Larwe gave me a link to an entire discussion board thread on "Good Kobold Names"

Oh, and then there was this video

And THAT folks, is why I love Twitter so much. 


  1. Ha! Really cute! Loved it. Best regards to you. Ruby

  2. I love it! And that's a really pretty cat!