Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I - #AtoZChallenge #PhotoadayApril

I was trying to figure out what I could blog about for "I", when suddenly I thought... heeeey, I could blog about Igloos!

Which made me think about one of my very favorite books growing up "The Penguin that Hated the Cold".

A few of my other favorites too. Now many of them are Angie's favorites :)
You see Pablo, the penguin, never did like the cold much. After several failed attempts he managed to sail a piece of ice, and later his bathtub (who knew igloos were so well furnished??) to the tropics where he made an igloo from palm leaves and lived out his days on a nice sunny beach.

And it just so happens that today's photo challenge is cold. Kismet!

I have such wonderful memories of reading these books growing up, and am tickled that I still have them and can share them with my daughter. Who else remembers these books?


  1. fun and exciting to be in 2 fests! good job keeping up with them!

  2. HEY! I just found your through @suddenlysassy and thought I would check out your blog. When I saw these Disney books I about lost my breath. I grew up waiting by my mailbox waiting for the mailman to bring me a new one every month! Was great seeing them again!

    By far, may favorite one was the Chipmunks trying to figure out who was stealing the peanuts!

    Thanks for taking me back in time! Oh, and you're getting a follow in Twitter from me! Nice job on the blog and I'll see ya in the Twitterverse!

    Take care,

  3. Oh my. That was my favourite of those books as well!

  4. Oh, gosh! I have those books!!! Mine are in spanish (I'm from Mexico though I live in Ct these days) and I love them with all my soul. Now my 5 and 7 yo are having fun with them. So fun memories! I laughed with your steak sauce incident but I saw the picture of the books and just had to comment on them. I'm a new follower and will be back for more fun stories and pictures!

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress.