Thursday, April 14, 2016

Just a Few Random Tips #AtoZChallenge

If you frequent a movie theater that offers free refills on a large popcorn, take a bowl with you to the theater. Order your popcorn, toss it in the bowl and get your refill immediately. Perfect when you don't like butter, but your husband does! You can even pick up a cute Popcorn bowl at Party City for about $3.

Put your smartphone to work for you.

Don't have a texting plan? Use Facebook Messenger - no per text fees and it works just like texting does. Bonus: cute emoticons.

Do you blog, tweet or share stuff online? Join Amazon's Affiliate program. If people follow your links to items on Amazon and buy something, even if it's not what you linked, you can earn a percentage of what they spent. It does not cost anything for you or for the people you link to. I link to stuff on Amazon all the time, but as far as I can tell no one ever follows those links and buys anything LOL, but a girl can hope. You can find out more here:

Get yourself one of those wallets with a strap and hook your keys to it. Now you'll never leave the house (i.e. drive away) without your wallet. Bonus, if your cars beeps if you try to leave your keys in it, you'll never leave your keys and your wallet in the car!

Do you use Chrome? (You should, it's awesome). There's a Plug In you can get that will search for coupon codes when you buy things online. It's free and could save you some money. It's called Honey; search for it in your extensions or go here.

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