Thursday, April 14, 2016

Karma and Other Life Lessons #AtoZChallenge

I may not be the best mom in the world, but at least I have taught my daughter three of life's most important lessons.

1. Not too long ago Angie tried to kick me. Not in a mean way, she was kidding around, but when she brought her foot back she accidentally kicked something behind her with the back of her foot. "Ow!" she cried, "what was that?"

My answer, "Karma"

2. Just a few days later on the way home from school she was complaining about her day and kept saying "what could possibly make today worse? Nothing. Nothing could make today any worse."

"I wouldn't say that," I warned.

When we got home I helped her study for the next day's spelling test. She got a few of the words wrong, so Lenny suggested she write them each 10 times. She complained, but did it. We retested her on those words and she still got three of them wrong, so we told her to write them 10 more times. Well she pitched a fit and, long story short, she was sent to her room. A few minutes later Lenny went in to talk to her, but she had barricaded her door.

Every person I have told this story to winces at this point, without fail.

At dinner I asked Angie "do you remember how you kept saying on the way home that today couldn't possibly get any worse? Well let me explain Murphy's Law to you."

And the 3rd essential life lesson? Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

I figure if you understand how Karma works, that it's a bad idea to say "Never" or otherwise tempt Murphy's Law/Fate and which way to turn a cap or screw to loosen it you at least have the basics covered.


  1. You forgot be careful what you pray for. That one has been a doozy for me so many times.