Monday, April 4, 2016

Calendars, Voice Commands and a Crappy Memory #AtoZChallenge

If you don't keep a calendar on your phone, you should; Google will do the rest with just a few pieces of information. I'm pretty sure that Siri will too, for you iPhone users.

  • In settings, tell your phone where you live and work. 
  • Add an address when you set appointments that require travel.
  • Turn on Location.
Now that you're all set up....
  • Google will go into semi-stalker mode, letting you know what's happening nearby, what the menu is at the restaurant you just walked into, what time you need to leave for your appointment so you're not late, if there's an accident on the road ahead of you and alert you of anything else of interest around you.
  • You can press and hold the home button, say "OK, Google" and tell Google what you need. Some examples:
    • What song is this?
    • When I get home, remind me to do laundry.
    • When I get to work, remind me to call Bob.
    • Text Lenny and tell him I love him.
A friendly female voice will confirm your request and boom you have a better memory (and, in my case, your husband is wondering why you just texted him when you're sitting next to him).

You can also use Voice to Text, instead of hunting and tapping. Click on any field you would type text into to open your keyboard. See that little microphone button next to the space bar? Tap it and start talking 

Now, and this is important, proofread what the phone typed for you. Trust me. I am not ducking kidding you :)

I blame chemobrain for my poor memory, but it's possible my brain has just gotten lazy. Why should it remember stuff when there's Google?


  1. Thanks for this reminder! I need to set up my new home in my iphone! I love as I leave for work and she tells me how the traffic is :)
    @AllysePanaro from
    The Frog Lady

  2. I am a horrible at typing a text and auto-correct is my arch nemesis but using that Voice to Text is awesome. It is SO much easier than using my "too large for a tiny keyboard" fingers.

    Weekends in Maine