Saturday, April 2, 2016

Books to Time Travel With #AtoZChallenge

I recently started reading/listening to the Chronicles of St. Mary's by Jodi Taylor and haven't been able to stop bingeing on them since. I'm now on book six of the series and am already looking forward to the seventh, which comes out next month.

I stumbled upon the series a few years ago actually, bought the first book (very likely on sale) and never got around to listening to it. Although I listen to audiobooks for two plus hours a day, I never get caught up because Audible has so many good sales.

The Chronicles of St. Mary's is centered around a group of eccentric, accident prone historians who travel back in time to witness historical events. They never intend to get involved, but often find themselves in some sort of trouble, right in the thick of things. The main character, Max, is hilarious; she's got amazing wit, is very smart and has me laughing and slapping my steering wheel every day. I like her so much, I want to be more like her.

I also recently read Jodi Taylor's The Nothing Girl, which was also fabulous. Jenny has a stutter and very low self-confidence and at the lowest point of her life finds a friend in a golden horse only she can see... ok, I admit that's a bit odd, but somehow Ms. Taylor makes it work perfectly. Jenny's family is overprotective and intent on keeping her sheltered, but a chance meeting has her breaking away from her solitary existence and taking a chance on actually living her life. I highly recommend it.

I admit, I've been a sucker for time travel books since I was a teenager. Do you like the genre? Which one is your favorite? Mine is Outlander, but I could rattle off dozens of others too :)

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  1. I've actually never read a time travel book before, but I can see how it would be very interesting.