Friday, April 1, 2016

Adulting #AtoZChallenge

In two short days, I will be 45... how the Hell did that happen? Surely there's a typo somewhere. Forty-five is mid-life, right? Am I required to buy a sports car and pursue men half my age? I hope not, because I have this fear of a monster truck rolling over me if I stop short in a car, so I avoid cars that are low to the ground and honestly, I'm too tired to chase anyone.

Anywho where was I? Oh yes, the annual A to Z Challenge. The one month out of the year I manage to blog every day and then May 1st hits and my Muse hits the road. 

This year's theme... Adulting, or more precisely the things I have learned that make adulting easier (or as avoidable as possible in some cases). Over the past few years I've learned that I am "Lean"; not skinny mind you, but a "lean thinker". I've also been exploring meditation, reading up on embracing my inner sloth, using technology to help me to remember... uh... well whatever I usually forget and other helpful things. 

Hopefully I can pass along a few ideas that you'll find useful. I'll also very likely toss in some audiobook reviews of some really great books that you too might enjoy (even if you choose to read them, rather than listen to them). 

If you'd like to join the challenge - it's a lot of fun - it's not too late to sign up. Join us! Visit:


  1. My dad always said he had young blood. He just kept it in an old body.
    I'll be sixty this year and it is a funny feeling stepping into senior citizenship. I looked at a school's career training program and remembered when they all were of interest to me. Now I am retired. Life sure does happen fast.
    Good to see you on A to Z. Ann Bennett @annbennett12

    Too Much To Choose From
    Science Ladybug

  2. You're probably going to get a list of people older than you who say it speeds up.. I'm 10 years older than you and 45 seems young now! This life gets faster as we slow down.. Don't slow down.. That's all I can say. my question, if I go faster will life slow down?

  3. I'm only a year or two behind you, and I have the same questions about where my time went. Someone stole it, I'm pretty sure. Good luck on the challenge.

  4. Wonderful theme! I could use some ideas. While I was growing up, grown ups seemed so sure. It is only after being an adult myself I have come to conclude it was an illusion!

    1. LOL Yes, it appears to be an illusion all right! We've been mislead :)