Tuesday, April 29, 2014

X is for X-Ray #AtoZChallenge

I'd like to say that I messed up the order of the alphabet on purpose, but I didn't. Whoops!

But it works out ok because today I got an X-Ray. Why? Because a week after the infamous Kaboom incident I started hurting rather badly, so I figured I should make sure I didn't break anything.

The good news is: I didn't.

The bad news: I really don't feel any better - at least not physically - but at least I know I didn't do any real damage, so that's something.

Tomorrow is the last day of the AtoZChallenge - almost there! Now I just need to think of a Z word...

In other news, my best friend was in town over the weekend. We did the math and determined that we've been friends for TWENTY YEARS! Wow! Since we were 9!


OK... since we were 19! (give or take)

She left yesterday - I miss her already.

1 comment:

  1. Did the X-ray cause you to gain and/or lose any super powers?