Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Maria V. Snyder #AtoZChallenge

Yet another great author that Audible is responsible for me finding - you see, sometimes when you use your credits they give you the opportunity to purchase a book for $4.95. Some of those books - usually the ones that sound really interesting - are a part of a series and zoop! I get sucked in.

So anyway, the first book by Snyder that I read was Poison Study. A young lady, about to be executed for murder, is offered a job as the food tester for Commander of Ixia. Why does he need a food tester? Because people routinely try to poison him. Bonus, the chief of security feeds her a poison that will kill her if she doesn't take the antidote daily - thus keeping her from running away.

These books are set in a world filled with Magic, intrigue and mystery. Poison Study is the first of three books - and I highly recommend the series.

Next I read Touch of Power, another books set in a Magical land. Avry is a Healer - in addition to herbal medicine, she can assume the wounds or diseases of her patients into herself, thereby healing them. The bad news, there was a huge plague that killed off a huge portion of the population and the Healers were blamed for it. So, all of the Healers have been hunted down and killed.

Avry becomes deeply entrenched in the various plots to rule what's left of the world. Luckily all three books of this series are out, so you can tear through them one after the other with no waiting!

You can read more about these, and Snyder's other books, on her website here:

I should note that I listened to these on audiobook. They were narrated by Garbra Zackman and very well done.


  1. You've just given me another author to track down. I swear, I'm just going to start a file and record all the great author recommendations I'm getting from you and some of the others on this blog tour.

  2. Both of these have neat premises (the poison taster having to take daily antidotes and the healer who absorbs the sickness) that I highly approve of. Sounds like a great hook to start the stories.