Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Lady Bug Game

Recently I bought Angie The Lady Bug Game. Here's a short review.

The game is for kids aged 3 and up. There are small pieces, which seems to be the criteria for ages under 3. (I'm here to tell you that wanting to put everything in your mouth doesn't always stop at 3, but I digress).

It's very reasonably priced and actually quite a lot of fun. The game is simple enough for kids to grasp quickly, yet interesting enough to keep everyone involved until the end. There's no reading required, once the kids learn what the cards all mean (which didn't take long at all).

I find it to be enjoyable to play, which is good because I've played it several times a day since we got it.

I highly recommend this game for young children. It teaches them basic math skills, taking turns and how to win and lose well. And best of all, it's fun to play! :)

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