Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photography Challenge Day 9: Someone you love

Since I take so many pictures, especially of Angie, this is a pretty easy challenge for me. I mean, I have literally thousands of pictures of her. People compliment me on my photos, but really when you take as many as I do, you're bound to get some great shots now and then. Just go look at some of my earlier pictorial posts of her.

If I had to pay to process film I'd be living under a bridge at this point. Thank God for digital cameras.

So, I figured that I'd take some pictures of my darling husband instead. However, although they're nice, they're not great examples of photography.

Since this is a photography challenge, I'll post a few recent shots that I really like.

I need to Photoshop this into a Forest scene. She looks like a Fairy.

This is now known as "the eating position" for our newest family member. Nom nom nom.

Look at that smile. OMG she's so beautiful.

Not the posed picture I took. My husband has a great smile too. I love this picture of him.

Really, I could go on and on with this particular photo challenge, but four photos is enough. Next up: A childhood memory.