Saturday, June 11, 2011

Updates on Jealousy, Poop and Binkies

An update on the Jealousy Makes me Blog Crazy Things post, to the left are the latest search keywords people used to find my blog.

Karma Kleenex - ok, I did post a blog about that, but um... who searches for it?

Nookie on the stairs? No clue. We live in a single story house, for one, and secondly I haven't ever blogged about stairs or nookie that I can recall...

And Yes! Poop! Success!!! I'm not sure who Googles poop, but there you have it!

You too are welcome to join the WTFHUH??? Blog Ring. We're comparing odd search results, and maaaybe trying to inspire new ones. It's like Google Fishing. LOL.

In other news, the binkies are all gone now. We are finally binky free! I was almost ready to give up hope. In the end, a week of cold turkey worked, even when she found one of her old, yucky, chewed up binkies. So if you're struggling with your own Binky Saga, there is hope!

Just to be sure, the two remaining binkies have uh... disappeared, never to return.


  1. Congrats on the Binky achievement. And keep us posted on how well "poop" continues to perform, maybe we'll reconsider which Google Ad-Words we're using :)

  2. I Googled "lead paint' and found you. I kid. I kid. I appreciated your struggle with the "binkie." I wished my mother had been more dilegent with my finger stucking. Yep, I didn't suck my thumb, I curled my index finger and sucked the hell out of it, until I was 10 years old. Congrats! on your win over the "binkie."

  3. hilarious! My search results are nothing as exciting as this. I has several about lucubration at night... lmao. But you have Nookie On The Stairs so clearly your blog is far more exciting. ;)