Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jealousy Makes Me Blog Crazy Things

Yesterday evening I was catching up on my blog reading and I stumbled onto a new one - this is not that blog by Kendall. Her most recent post started off with the warning that today was probably not the best day to start reading her blog.

I had perfect timing, as usual!

That particular post is entitled "bear suits make everything better" and OMG is it funny!

You should go read it.

Yes, right now. Go. I'll wait. Trust me, the rest of this blog will only make complete sense if you do.

Funny, huh?

She and Little Animation - The Animated Woman make me wish I could draw. You want to go look at that blog too? Fine. I'll wait...

Ok, so anyways, if you blog you know that you can go look to see what search keywords were used to find your blog.

You didn't know that? You want to go check your search keywords right now? Fine... I'll wait...

Back? OK good. So, most of the search terms are pretty tame, but occasionally you get a really interesting one. Well, I should say some people do, my results are above and and as you can see not much exciting there.

Alright, sure, "im a cage dancer" is kind of interesting, but not nearly as cool as "fuck your shit i'm in a bear suit" or finding out that your blog is getting repeated hits from a website for people who have a fetish for getting stuck to things, like @Moooooog35.

Yes, you should go read that blog post too, but it can wait until you're done here.

So some of my Twitter friends and I were whining musing about our lack of interesting keyword search results and @Matt_Conlon came up with the idea of a Blog Ring for crazy search phrases - either to report them or to inspire them.

Do you have interesting search results to share? Do you wish you did? (Come on, you know you do). Join us!

Go check your search results (or start a blog, you slacker!!). Click here: here. Post your craziest search to date and then go back and post something nutty on your blog to see if you can get even better results to report!


  1. Mine are pretty tame :( well, minus the cuss words. The weirdest one? sassy sue black porn star...Yeah...nice. Tame. Everything else kinda made sense.

  2. Yeah, all of mine make sense too... except maybe "s the full". What the Hell does that mean anyways?? :)

  3. mine today are a bunch of searches for "Vanna White" (I wish) and "Angela Lansbury nude" (I really wish).

  4. Geez. Mine are all boring...except this one:

    "pickle weasel giraffe in a box"

    What's bizarre is that I do have those on my blog. But why would anyone search for them?

  5. LOL Nice!! Excellent post. :) Join us!

    Pickle weasel giraffe in a box??