Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Art of Avoiding Nap Time, by Angelina

Guest Blog today by Angelina Jean, aged (almost) 4.

Twenty tried and true ways to avoid napping:

1. Make your bed.
2. Insist you need a certain stuffed animal, in addition to the 20 already on your bed. (this also works well at bed time)
3. These phrases: "I'm thirsty", "I have to go potty", (fake a sneeze) "I need a tissue"
4. Undress your doll babies.
5. Dress your doll babies.
6. Sing.
7. Sing louder (words are optional).
8. Change your clothes.
9. Climb the furniture.
10. Pull every single toy you own out of wherever it is and spread them all around the floor.
11. Build a mountain of toys to climb up to reach objects on shelves. (Why do mom's put stuff on shelves? I mean really... obviously they want us to climb up there to see.)
12. Read a book (reading ability not required).
13. Fulfill your sudden desire to hang up every piece of clothing you own.
14. Sneak out of your room into the spare bedroom and try to move the stroller from the closet in there into your room. (Note from Mom: OMG WTF??)
15. Cry loudly when mom catches you and puts you back into your room.
16. Plot your revenge.
17. The stuffed animals are arguing. Mediate.
18. Fondly recall how you snuck a bag of cookies out of the pantry while mom was making lunch, climbed up on her desk and got the scissors and opened the bag all by yourself. Also recall bafflement when mom did not praise you for that.
19. Belly crawl from bedroom to where mom is to a) see if she notices, b) potentially scare the pooh out of her, c) see if she relents on the whole nap idea, d) all of the above.
20. Muse about new and more inventive ways to drive mom crazy.


  1. Hilarious, talk about long attention span, at that age all I could do was cry no! no! no!

  2. Cute kids!!! Sounds like you've heard it all, hu?

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