Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Binky Saga Concludes?

Graduated from Binky, at last!
Almost two weeks ago the two remaining binkies both went missing. Although many of Angie's toys "mysteriously disappeared" that same day (while she was at her grandparent's house) I had nothing to do with the binkies' disappearance. I swear.

Monday night, the first night they were missing, was awful. She cried. She whined. She begged. She sniveled. I swore to her I didn't know where it was. I searched the house top to bottom - six times. Finally she cried herself to sleep.

Tuesday night was almost as bad, but didn't last as long.

Wednesday night was better, as was Thursday night. By Friday she mentioned it, but there were no more tears. I explained again that I had looked and looked, but the binky was missing.

Saturday afternoon Angie comes running out of her room "Mommy!! I found binky!!"

Damn, I thought. "Oh good," I said without much feeling and a fake smile.

Saturday night I dubiously handed Angie her binky, "I bet it tastes yucky, and it's all chewed up," I commented.

Then the most incredible thing happened... although she had immediately popped it into her mouth, she had put it back on her nightstand when I went in later to check on her!

For almost a week now she's barely touched it. She's asked for the other (still missing) binky a few times, but it's not in much better condition than the one she found is.

Finally potty trained and binky free? Wow. I'm so happy! I wasn't sure this day would ever come.


  1. I love the whole look of your blog, with the crooked pictures, the drawing, and the special Pickle font. It's like being in a reality show with you and your kid. And the missing Binky who once was lost and now is found.

  2. Egads and congratulations! We just PT'd but I'm so afraid of the binky separation. I'm afraid B is addicted, plain and simple. There will need to be a full on intervention.

  3. How old is your daughter? I'm right in the middle of all this binky and potty training. Happy to know I'm not the only one that's gone through it. @blushdaily

  4. Angie's almost 4 now. We had almost given up hoping she'd finally potty train or give up the binky. :)

  5. Before you know it, she'll be looking for your car keys