Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kids Don't Care

Kids don't care when Mommy is sick, or tired, or sick and tired. 
Mom doesn't always look happy.

Kids don't care about the rules.

Kids don't care about gender specific costumes. 
Angie Lightyear, to the rescue!

Kids don't care about privacy. Theirs or yours 
Reading in the John starts early.

Kids don't care about "personal space".
No, I don't mind, why do you ask?

 Kids don't care about getting messy.
But it's fun!

 Kids don't care about stereotypes.
I'm a motorcycle riding princess, ye-haw!

 Did I mention that kids don't care about getting messy?
Powder-Palooza 2010.

 Kids don't care about fashion or making sense.
Better safe than sorry.

 Kids don't care about looking silly.
Downward Facing Toddler.

 Kids don't care what's in the package, it's still exciting.
Sometimes the package is more exciting.

Kids don't care if you were planning on them or not.
First smile.

Kids don't care that it was really you who hid the eggs. 

Kids don't care if their artwork is museum quality or not. 
Aunt Stephanie

Kids don't care if their makeup is on perfectly or not. 

Did I mention that kids don't care about being silly? 

I don't know about you, but I want to be more like my kid. :)

Happy Mother's Day!
Take a cue from your kids and stop caring about the things that really don't matter. 

As one of my friends pointed out... they're just like mini-Honey Badgers! LOL 


  1. Beautiful little girl you have. This is a sweet post and I think you're right. Sometimes we have to relax and act like a little kid. (Just no meltdowns in the middle of a store because you can't get your way, please.) *grin*

  2. I think I'm going to lighten up....especially about the rules! Lovely post and sweet blog happening here.

    I'll visit again!

  3. Great post! The pic of your daughter with marker all over her face brought back the memory of when my older son did that: face, arms, walls. I love this post!

  4. Oh, such a lovely post! You have a cute daughter :)

    /S / http://

  5. Terrific post! Everything you wrote is oh so true!

  6. Thank you all so much for the kind words! And for stopping by!

  7. You have too much fun at your house. We have to keep the bathroom doors open when we don't have guests.

  8. What a precious girl, reading this brings back memories and makes me smile.

  9. Oh but you know once she becomes a teenager, she'll care about these little gems. I do really wish I could still have the mentality like a child, because how much fun do they have? (Except I don't think they make floaties big enough for my hips...) She is absolutely adorable, and looks like quite the fun handful!


  10. Thanks so much for sharing this. It made my day!
    (Might just go do a happy dance and something silly!)

  11. Aw, I love this one! Perfectly stated;)