Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've been a-salt-ed!

No really, it's true. Here's a story from the realm of WTF? I swear, as creative as I think I am, I couldn't make this one up.

One day last week Elizabeth and I were in a class all morning, along with virtually everyone else in our division local to Tempe. When we returned three hours later I noticed that my chair was covered in white specs. I have an embarrassing dandruff problem, so that was my first thought although there really was a lot of it. I went to brush it off and it actually hurt my hand. The white specs were salt, I'd guesstimate about a teaspoonful or more.

I called Elizabeth over and she looked as puzzled as I was. I also think she thought I was just a little bit nuts. I told her that I hadn't eaten anything salty in I don't know how long, and even if I had nothing would have left salt like that all over the seat of my chair. Oddly enough the first thing that crossed my mind was witchcraft. When I mentioned this to Elizabeth I think she thought I was even crazier.

I admit to a certain amount of craziness, it adds to my charm. *wink*

Anyway, she went back to her own chair and immediately called me over to her desk. Sure enough her chair was also heavily sprinkled with salt. I admit that my first reaction was relief. Being harassed at work is so much easier to bear when you're not the only victim.

We checked around and no one else had been a-salt-ed (don't you just love it?!). Pretty crazy huh?

I called my Wiccan friend and asked her what she thought. She told me that salt was used as a purifying agent, something you'd use to cleanse an area prior to casting a spell. Or used to dispel negative energy.

So our final conclusion was that either someone was trying to dispel our negative energy, or that someone thinks we're slugs and would melt on contact. Really, what other message could they be trying to convey? Had it been a not so subtle jab about my dandruff problem, they'd not have included Elizabeth who isn't similarly afflicted.

This is where my old friend irony drops in.

Two days after the a-salt, Elizabeth had a belt shred in her car on her way home, causing her to loser her power steering and scaring the heck out of her.

In my case, I've had two car accidents this week. On Wednesday I ran over a metal plate in a construction zone that flipped up, damaged my car and shredded my tire and Friday morning I was rear-ended on the way to work. I'm fine, no worries. The car wasn't badly damaged and the guy's insurance will cover the repairs.

Here's the fun part. I know enough about magic and karma to know two important things... First, if you expel negative energy to cast a dark spell part of that energy will be returned to you in kind. Karma is a bitch - what comes around goes around. Secondly, for witchcraft to truly affect you, you have to believe in it. Elizabeth doesn't believe, so she's safe enough. I believe, actually, but I'm also confident in the the resulting backlash.

So, if there was witchcraft involved, the witch will be having car troubles soon and I will get a small, perhaps not so secret, delight in seeing that happen.

Really, it's just too funny. :)

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