Saturday, October 11, 2008

Financial Accounting and you...

I started back to college this fall. With any luck I'll be done in about two years. It's been hard, juggling work, family and school, but I'm determined to do it. I'm fortunate enough that my company will reimburse me for tuition and books too, so long as I make a C or better.

My plan is to make all A's, of course. Anything less and I would be disappointed in myself. Lenny suggested I was too worried about it, to which I replied, "my blood type is A positive".

So anyway, last Sunday my husband sits down and asks if he can help me with my homework. So I plunked my accounting book on his lap and said "sure!".

He looked at the problem - general ledger entries to determine asset accounts - and says "well you just have to put this into a spreadsheet, right?"

"Well sort-of," I reply with a smile.

"Here are the instructions right here," he says pointing proudly at the Instructions. I just looked at him.

"It's not that hard, right, you just have to put the numbers into the spreadsheet and it does the rest, right?"

My eye starts to twitch, "uh, not exactly, you have to figure out what the numbers are first". I wasn't sure how else to describe it.

"Oh, well that's way above me," he says handing me the book back. I guess the laugh was worth the temporary frustration. :)

I read a good quote this week, although I confess I don't recall who it was attributed to... "If you're going to look back and laugh at it some day, you may as well laugh now." I really like that, it's so true!
Above I bring you... Angie's impression of Mommy.

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