Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'll wash your mouth out!

Yesterday I was cleaning Monster-Baby's room and realized that she wasn't helping (shock!). So I went looking for her and found a suspicious shadow lurking behind the sliding shower doors in our bathroom. Who could it be?

I walked around the bathroom "looking" for her, to see what she'd do. When I got little reaction from her I slid open the door and looked inside. There she was holding a bottle of body wash. I pulled the bottle from her hands and picked her up. I asked her if she'd been drinking out of the bottle and... I swear to God... she opened her mouth and a large, perfect bubble came out.

Do all moms get such joy out of their little ones? She constantly facinates me, and she's so funny. Right now she's sitting quietly beside me, her little socked footers squirming as she watches Tigger and Pooh. She has such expressive feet!

Mommy has a foot fetish. Just for baby toes.

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