Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Samantha Shannon and The Bone Season series #AtoZXChallenge

Yet another series set in a Dystopian world - I guess I just gravitate towards them. Plus Audible knows my tastes very well and dangles series novels in front of my nose and I can often not resist. I think that's how I came across The Bone Season.

This series is scheduled to be seven books long - only the first two have been published so far. The books have been very well received and I know I have enjoyed them a lot. I hope that eventually they'll be picked up for a television series - I don't think a movie would do them justice.

These are Dystopian with a supernatural/paranormal twist. Many of the main characters have some type of clairvoyance, and are shunned and feared because of it. They also often disappear, just like our main character Paige does.

The Bone Season is all about that disappearance and how Paige manages to return. The Mime Order finds her fighting to bring the truth of their world to people, despite those in power either not believing her, or wanting to block that knowledge for their own reasons.

Gripping novels, unique world and deep characters will keep you turning the pages. I do suggest, however, that you read the two books back to back. The second book picks up immediately after the first and you might find yourself quickly lost, like I did, if you wait for a long time between books.

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