Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Right here, right now... the challenge to be present #AtoZChalleng

Today's world is full of distractions - our Smart Phones are constantly beeping and vibrating, the radio is on, Facebook updates need to be read, blogs need to be written... the list goes on and on. On the surface, I don't really care all that much about these things, but fall victim to their lure all the time.

Oh hey, I just got a message, be right back...

And on and on it goes. I see it happening and I hate it, but it's like a tide pulling me in. I see my daughter succumbing to it as well. She doesn't stand a chance, she's never known a world without technology all around, constantly begging for attention. She doesn't understand why I can't pause live television - we don't have cable, so no DVR.

How do you fight the tide?


  1. My son is young enough that he can't fight it (well, he can, but it's futile) if I just turn everything off and we go outside to play. He loves playing outside anyway, it's more for my benefit than for him. I just hope we can keep doing that. It's going to be a hell of alot harder to get him to turn off his iNeural implant when he's fifteen...