Monday, April 6, 2015

Extremely Average Brian Meeks is not #AtoZChallenge

A few years ago I met Brian Meeks on Twitter - he goes by @ExtremlyAvg. But I assure you, average this writer is not.

On January 2nd 2010 Brian made a promise to himself that he'd blog every day. First he started with a story about a detective set in 1955. Since that day not only has he blogged every day, he has written and published nine novels in several different genres with a wide variety of fun, interesting characters. 

To suggest that I admire him would be to put it too lightly. I am constantly amazed by what he has accomplished and I have purchased every book he's published so far. 

I highly recommend you check out Brian's books.

 If you like Mystery, there's the Henry Wood Detective series.

 Satire more your speed? Be sure to read Underwood, Scotch and Wry.

But my favorite so far is Killing Hemingway, and not just because the main tortoise character was inspired by my Russian Tortoise NomNom, but because it's just a great novel. 


  1. Good writer and one of the good guys of the blogosphere.

  2. I agree. Brain is not only a talented author he's a good guy.