Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for OxiClean #AtoZChallenge

When I come across a product that I just love I try to spread the word. This one is ode to OxiClean. We live out in the country and use well water. The water tastes good, but it leaves a lot of calcium deposits and make our clothes - especially whites - look dingy.

On a whim I started adding OxiClean to the wash and WOW has it made a difference!! I had stopped buying whites because even with bleach they never stayed white, but I don't have that problem anymore. All of our clothes look so much better and even clothes that I had all but given up on are looking bright and clean!

I have also used OxiClean to clean the shower, the walls and other surfaces and it works great. Not good on glass though, so it does have its limitations.

So, if your clothes are starting to look drab, try it out. You can get it at Sam's Club in a big box for about $14. It's worth it and will last a long time!

FYI OxiClean didn't send me any free samples or otherwise influence this post. I just love the stuff. I haven't tried their other products (honestly, I didn't know about them until I went looking for a picture). Looks like they have clothes and dish washing detergents too - I should give them a try :)

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  1. Oxi Clean is okay. I never got into the habit of using it in the laundry. But I love Kaboom for cleaning my shower. It's so far my favorite Oxi Clean product.