Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Negativity #AtoZChallenge

Negativity is something I - perhaps we all - battle every day; both within myself and from others. I have been trying to avoid it at all costs these days, even if that means avoiding certain people as much as possible.

See, negativity is like a fast moving virus... and if you don't stop it in its tracks, or avoid people plagued with it, it's easy to catch. I recently weaned myself off of anti-anxiety meds (Pristiq), so I'm really doing everything I can to avoid anything - or anyone - that might bring me down.

So, short post today. Avoid negativity - that is all :)


  1. A short post but one that everyone should read and heed. I like the way you compare negativity to a virus-- that is so right. It easily spreads and is hard to contain. It's best to just quarantine it - but since that really isn't possible to stay away from it as you said. Great post.
    Visiting from the A-Z Challenge, Mary fromThe View from my World

  2. I did something very similar for my N post, talking about negative thinking and how it should be replaced by positive thinking. I have a problem with that, with being negative, so I'm really struggling to let the positive in more often.