Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for The Iron Druid Chronicles #AtoZChallenge

The Iron Druid Chronicles is (yet another!) favorite series of mine, written by Kevin Hearne. I honestly think these books are probably better on audiobook... why? Because the voice actor, Luke Daniels, does a fantastic job with these books. That and Oberon...

The series is about a 2,000 year old Druid named Atticus O'Sullivan. Sorry, no vampires in this series, but there are plenty of Gods from Mythology, Magic and a whole lot of humor to make up for it. Oberon is Atticus' Wolfhound; and while Oberon doesn't really talk, Atticus can converse with him (because he's a Druid). Their conversations, and Oberon's observations, provide great comic relief for the story, even when drama is high. These books are action packed and highly recommended for all audiences.

I think I stumbled over the first book (Hounded) because it was on sale - Audible is always having sales (and sucking me into series books!) - and I bought all of the other books in the series just as soon as my monthly credits rolled in.

As an added bonus, the book covers are also easy on the eye...


You can follow Kevin on Twitter and Facebook, and Oberon on Twitter. Happy reading!


  1. I don't typically read this type of book but my husband does. Will suggest this series to him since you seem to like it so much.

  2. Okay, now I'm interested. I think I'll have to see if I can find a print copy. Thanks for the share. :)