Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Harrison and Harkness #AtoZChallenge

Two of my favorite authors grace today's post... Kim Harrison and Deborah Harkness.

Kim Harrison writes The Hollows books - there are currently 12 books in this series, with a 13th and final book due out early next year. I stumbled over Ms. Harrison on because of a sale on a collection of her short stories titled Into the Woods. I was intrigued by her alternate reality world and quickly sucked into the world she has created. These books live in today's world, but in an alternate reality where instead of jumping into the Space Race, we jumped into genetic engineering. An accidental release of a virus then killed off much of the human population, revealing to the world that witches, vampires, werewolves and other non-human's really do exist.

If you like Stephanie Plum, you'll love Rachel Morgan.

Then there's Deborah Harness. The third, and final, novel in her All Souls trilogy is due out in July and I can't wait! These books also feature witches and vampires, but these ones are still largely hidden from society. Throw in a little time travel, a few mysteries and the fact that vampires are basically immortal - plus a dash of forbidden love and you'll find yourself glued to these books, and very likely looking up some of the history and art online. Ms. Harkness is a history professor and her love of libraries and history shines through.

I recommend both of these authors without reservation. I am looking forward to the final book in both of these series, but am also dreading seeing the great characters they write leave.

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