Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Funny #AtoZChallenge

I love making people laugh. Angie appears to have inherited this from me. I bought her a joke book for Easter in hopes of giving her some new material, because most of her jokes are pretty bad.

So, not much post today, but several pictures that I hope make you laugh :)

That front tooth was really loose and it gave me the willies... so of course Angie had to keep torturing me with it LOL

I really wanted to use this one for last year's Christmas Cards...

As you might guess, the photo shoot lasted for awhile... but I did get a few good shots.

A monkey at the zoo
Hope you had a great day!


  1. I found your blog through the A-Z challenge. The pictures your shared on today's post were adorable. I have teenagers and they are always making funny faces when I pull out the camera. Or they don't smile at all. I would rather the funny faces.

  2. I would have totally used that for my Christmas card.