Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Essential Oils #AtoZChallenge

About six months ago I discovered essential oils, and I was very skeptical. My personality type demands that I analyze everything, then double check it if there's still the slightest doubt. So I grilled my friend, I Googled essential oils, I joined a group on Facebook dedicated to just talking about oils, I got a book specifically on the topic and, by chance, I mentioned it to my mother in law. Turns out, she's been using oils for a very long time.

One thing my friend said to me stood out... we pop Tylenol or Advil without even thinking about it, or doing research on side effects or what's in them, but when offered an all natural alternative made from plants we feel the need to over analyze it.

Good point; so, I decided to try them out.

So six months later, how do I feel about the oils?

Extremely frustrated!!


Because they really do work and I want everyone to use them. And I know I sound like a commercial or like a... well a snake oils salesman, but seriously, my whole family uses oils daily now. I use them on my daughter for allergies, if she has a cough I rub Thieves on her toes and she stops coughing - yes, even in her sleep. My husband uses them for allergies too, back pain, and for deep muscle and joint pain. My aunt is battling restless leg syndrome and muscle pain. My step mother, a diabetic, has been able regulate her sugar levels with oils. Several friends use Valor to stop their husband's snoring, or on themselves to help them sleep through the night, some for the first time in years. Even more friends use them to help their kids sleep. And me? I've used oils to wean myself off of anti-anxiety meds. I now use them daily to boost my energy, enhance my mood, calm anxieties and to help me lose weight.

All with no side effects, no liver damage or any of the other scary things synthetic drugs can cause.

But I'm just not comfortable "selling" anything - it's just not me - but I am super happy when I can introduce someone to The Lemon Drop Lounge group on Facebook, or help them get their own oils starter kit and then "geek out about oils" with me. Every person I have hooked up with a kit has thanked me, most of them many times, several of them profusely. That makes me feel great, and I like feeling great :)

"The Kit" is $150, and yeah, I get it - that seems like a lot, but here's the thing, they really do work and may very likely take the place of some of the over the counter products you buy all the time. Plus, you quite literally use them drop by drop. All of the things mentioned above? Generally one drop will do it and there are 85-100 drops of oil in each bottle. 

You'll often hear me say "there's an oil for that!" - so, if you want to know if there's an oil, or blend, for what's ailing you - let me know, there probably is something out there that can help - I now have several books on using essential oils. Or if you just have questions in general, drop me a line at mrspickle at or look me up on Facebook - I'm happy to help. 


  1. Now you have me curious, I have terrible RLS and sleep apnea, You now are going to have me googling this stuff to see what it might so for me. Very interesting post.

  2. I will also look into it. I prefer to use homeopathic solutions in place of medication. However, like you, I over analyze so I will start with your information and go from there. Thanks!

  3. I so want to believe you! I've been working with essential oils for the past two weeks....trying to find some relief from joint pain I suspect might be fibromyalga. Lemon did not help, neither did frankencense, or cloves. My friend sells them and swears by them, but I've not found help in the things I've tried, so I'm leery about investing more money. What would you tell me? I'm popping in from the a-z. So good to find someone who has had success with these oils. It makes sense to me that they should work, but I'm not finding that to be true for me. :-(

    1. My husband has joint pain too, it's one of the reasons I starting trying out the oils. I'm not sure that Lemon will work for pain. Frank is good for swelling, but if that's not the underlying problem it might not help. Cloves will probably numb the skin some. You need to try something good for inflammation. Do you have the kit? If so, try out this recipe, 10 drops each of Valor, Panaway and Peppermint mixed with about a 1/2 cup of coconut oil. You can whip it with a blender, if it's cold(ish), and it'll make a cream, but it melts pretty quickly - I don't even bother with that anymore. If you have Lemongrass, add 10 drops of it to the mix - it's good for inflammation. This mix has worked for a lot of people I know. I hope it works for you too :)

  4. I don't have the kit. What is Valor, the actual plant oil? And Panaway - what plant is that? My friend uses the do terra line of oils and she might be able to mix me up something, if she has comparable oils. Thank you!

    1. Valor and Panaway are Young Living oil blends. I believe doTerra has a knock-off of both. You can look both up on Young Living's website:

      Good luck :)