Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Crown King #AtoZChallenge

For about the past year, we've been going out on Jeep rides with a bunch of other rock crawling folks. It has been a lot of fun! Two of my favorite rides have been to Crown King via what is known as "the back way".

The Crown King rock

Last September we went on the AZ Virtual Jeep Club’s 15th Annual ‘Run to Crown King’, with a few hundred other Jeeps throughout the day. You know... it's fun to be part of something "bigger than you" once in awhile. It was a great day.

There was a contest to see who got the muddiest, we didn't win, but Lenny did participate :)

There are several "obstacles" along the way, which is Jeeper-speak for rough inclines that may or may not cause body damage, engine failure, transmission problems, broken axles, burnt clutches or roll overs. 

We bypassed this one.

Almost there!

Surprisingly, that Jeep took very little damage - a small dent in the rear door, if I recall correctly.  
Having all four tires on the ground is not a requirement

This here is called "articulation" - it makes Jeep Guys happy :)
These pictures are from two different Crown King runs - one huge one, and one small, but both were a great time. If you have a Jeep (or a dirt bike or a 4-wheeler), some buddies and an afternoon to relax, I recommend this trail. Just be careful and go slow. 


  1. I don't have a Jeep... but that looks like so much fun :-) Love your pictures.

  2. Sweet Jeepus... yeah, those tires should really all be on the ground at the same time. I'm sure that's in the owner's manual somewhere.

  3. I have continued to ask for a Jeep although my husband got his truck and the 1967 Ford Ranch Wagon. I told my grandson recently that I will get one, even when I am too old to drive one. I believe off-road is the place to be. I used to have a baja bug.