Monday, April 16, 2012

NomNom - #AtoZChallenge

We adopted NomNom almost a year ago. She's about two years old, a Russian Tortoise and has a lot of personality. I try to let her wander around the house as often as I can, so she can hang out with us and get some exercise. As her name might indicate, she loves to eat and has been packing on the ounces lately - hence the need for exercise.

This past Saturday she was wandering around the kitchen when she came across a problem... Ginger was blocking her path. So, I waited to see what would happen - sadly I did not get it all on camera, but here's the story.

NomNom sat there and pondered her options a few times, before bravely marching forward towards Ginger. Ginger, who weighs in at about 85 lbs., looked over to see NomNom and wagged her tail in greeting. Her tail whopped poor NomNom in the face, who immediately pulled her head it letting out a whoosh noise. This scared Ginger, who jumped up and  ran off.

The Tortoise and the Lab... NomNom 1, Ginger 0

Then NomNom headed into the Living room where she posed with the smarter of the dogs she had just encountered.

Mom, can I keep him?

Fact: I take so many pictures of NomNom she doesn't even react anymore when the flash goes off.

Then she came across an Easter egg...

Woah... what's this?

 Which, much to Angie's horror, she prompted tried to eat...

Stop rolling and GET IN MAH BELLY!

As you can see, just about every field trip is an adventure - if not for her, for me when I try to find her after she's wandered off. She moves pretty fast, that NomNom of mine :)

If you would like to Keep Up with NomNom, she has her own Facebook page - just click here :)


Today's photo challenge is flower. I don't have any pictures of NomNom eating a flower, so this will have to suffice...


  1. Aww! She's adorable. I love turtles. Love her trying to eat that Easter egg, it's a weeee bit too big for her mouth. lol

  2. one of my sons has a turtle--i keep trying to tell them to exercise him more--great post

  3. What a cute turtle. Seems like a friendly pet to have.

  4. Such a fun story! My mom has turtles, but she keeps them in a pen outside. Even though she has dogs too, she still calls the turtles "her pups."

    Wishing you continued success with the A to Z challenge,