Saturday, April 14, 2012

MrsPickle - #AtoZChallenge

Every once in awhile someone asks me where the name MrsPickle came from. Well that's easy enough... I married MrPickle.

Really, what did you think?

This is how my family sees me much of the time... "Smile!"

Anyways, MrsPickle started out as my gaming name - yes, I'm a gamer... TFC, TF2, WOW, D2 (if you don't know what those are, you don't play those games, so don't worry about it), among many others. In fact, I have been a gamer since I was about 7.

Also, as you may have noticed, I love taking pictures. I am sooooo grateful for digital cameras. I have taken over 14,000 photos in the past five years alone. If I had had to buy film and process all of those pictures we'd be living in a cardboard box somewhere.

Which reminds me, if you don't have a remote backup for your digital photos - GET ONE! See my Ode to Bulldog Backup for my recommendation.

Anyways, enough about me. Today's photo challenge was "how you feel today". I took these photos today...

A little moody, but with the sun shining through...

Finding a brilliant end to an otherwise cloudy day...

WOOHOO! (I bribed her with pickles to let me take her picture - really)

I'll let you guess :)


  1. Looks like she was happy about the pickles :) I always love your desert horizon photos!

  2. And Mr and Mrs Pickle had a sweet little gherkin? I love the photos! Nicely done :-) New follower here from the A to Z :-)

  3. Just dropping by on the A-Z challenge :)

    Fellow gamer here (table top RPGs and online DMing) and new follower.