Monday, July 4, 2011


Children go through a lot of different phases. Angie is only 4, so I have only begun to scratch the surface, I'm sure. Some of these phases are good, some are... uh... not so great...

The cute baby phase.

Not sure what to call this phase.

The Oh My God, Mom is a Tigger Phase.

The I can sit and I'm cool phase.

The Crawling Phase.

Which is followed by the penned up phase.

The walking phase.

The suspicious phase.

The Broccoli Phase. 

The Rawr phase.

The cheesy smile phase.

The drama phase.

The learning to walk in heels phase.

The nose picking phase.

The uh... trashy phase?

The fascination with shoes phase.

The computer phase.

The musician phase.

The singer phase.

The pool shark phase.

The Skater Girl phase.

The Crate Training phase. Wait... 

The Supermodel/Evil phase.

The Shutterbug phase.

The Biker Girl phase.

The Biker Girl Fairy phase.

The Princess phase.

The potty training phase.

The tea party phase.

The Grease Monkey phase.

The body art experiment phase.

The Yoga phase.

The Mardi Gras phase.

The creepy life-sized doll phase.

The bikini phase.

The modeling phase.

The Disco Queen phase.

The Fibbing phase. "Charlie messed up my room."

The Burlesque phase.

The self-expression phase.

The poses for Mom now phase.

The Mommy's Girl phase.

The Daddy's Girl phase.

The Lego phase.

The baking phase.

The attitude phase.

The I want to help phase.
I expect to revisit many of these several times actually. Some of these are cute in her preschool years, but will be the end of me when she's a teenager... 


  1. The "where are the car keys" phase is something to look forward to. I'm still waiting on the "I want to get my own place" phase. :(

  2. Phew, scared me for a moment. I thought Lady Gaga came to visit! I love all these phases! I totally can't stand some of them too. But life would be boring without them :D

  3. Can I have some money? phase will soon come...

  4. Kyle, that phase freakin sucks and it lasts forever. Luckily my employer at the time was understanding...

  5. Seriously cute! The "Biker Girl Fairy phase" gave me a good laugh.

  6. Thanks! Yeah, "Biker Girl Fairy phase" was almost "Goth phases" but she just wasn't wearing enough black LOL

  7. Photo number two should be the meatball in a dress phase, lol.

    This was hilarious. The drama phase is my personal fave.



  8. She is going to kick your ass when she grows up for that potty picture. You are in SOOOOO much trouble! Oh, don't forget the "Make good choices" phase when she starts dating!

  9. A few of those phases come back around, don't you worry...we had a tatoo parlor similar to your body art experiment..and I'm sure the bikergirl fairy will turn into biker boyfriend at some point :)