Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Humorous Blogger Award

My dear friend Matt Conlon has awarded me the Humorous Blogger Award. He's such a sweetheart! His blog is funny and I love his IT cartoons. You should check it out.

The requirements are that I tell what impact humor has had on my life, and I must award the Cat's Ass to another blogger who I feel deserves it.

Humor has had a huge impact on my life. If you've met me, or even just know me online, you'll probably soon figure out that while I love to laugh, I enjoy making others laugh even more. I use humor to help me deal with difficult issues in my life and to help others with problems in theirs. Someone once said that if you're going to laugh about it later, you may as well laugh about it now. Life is ironic. It's funny. It's ruled by Murphy's Law, and long ago I determined that I would try to work with Murphy's Law and not against it. 

I've cracked jokes at funeral homes,while getting chemo and during the long hours of labor. I've made others laugh when I thought my world was ending, and brought laughter to times ruled by tears. Most times, I am the butt of my own jokes. That's who I am, that's how I deal with life.

There are several humorous blogs I follow...

This is not that Blog one of my favorites. Midget Man of Steel is another. I always enjoy Little Animation and Sarcasm 101. And there's the wildly popular Bloggess. Just to name a few.

However the blogger I have chosen to pass this award on to is my friend Tim, aka 12threefour. I love his writing style - super sarcastic and often completely off the wall. He never fails to make me laugh. Tim has also been a good Tweep and he is much appreciated by me. You should go check out his blog at

Thanks Tim. And thank you again Matt :)