Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Forty

If you've been paying any attention at all, you know that I just turned forty.

Or, as I have put it several times, "the big four OHHHhhhhh!" :)

For the past several months I've been asking my over-40 friends if 40 is indeed the new 30. They all said yes. Those under 40, however, looked skeptical.

I can tell you that 40 seems like an appropriate age to have a midlife crisis of some sort.

One of my friends bought a $50,000 Acura. He told me at the time that he'd told his wife that he was either going to get a car or a girlfriend. I suggested that the car would be cheaper in the long run. He later told me that buying the car completely took his mind off of turning 40 because he was in a panic over how he was going to make the payments.

The guy in the cubicle next to me at work quit his job as an Estimator to pursue his dream of becoming a chef.

Me? Well I've been working up to 40 for the past year or so. I lost a bunch of weight and finished college. I'm getting another tattoo in a few weeks. I didn't buy a fancy car, but I did buy my cube in December. I have no desire to be a chef, but if Jim Henson Studios happens to call and offer me a job as a Muppetier I am outta here.

Yes, I would love to be a Muppetier. I'd also love to be an FBI Profiler. Oddly, I think I'd be really good at both of them (perhaps even at the same time! LOL)

Other dream jobs include being an author (Bestseller, of course) or an Editor. Working for a gaming company or designing toys. Working in a think tank designing better ways to do things - research and development - or working at a bookstore. Or maybe a Dream Manager helping people determine what they want to do with their lives, and helping them to do it.

Gosh, I'm 40 now, I guess it's time I figured out what I want to be when I grow up! Oh, and I'd like a black on black Camero!

How does the picture tie in? We went shooting on my birthday. :)


  1. Wait, who's pursuing the chef dream? I'm so curious about all the happenings that I've missed out on. I think you need to send me a recap of where everyone is.

  2. Aren't profilers really just glorified muppetiers anyways? I bet Jim Henson consults for Quantico in his spare time. I will be 40 in a few years actually. For some reason the whole age thing never really concerned me.


  3. I am right behind you, turning 40 this summer and I don't think we've gone through that many changes around here (yet!) I shut down my business 2 years ago in order to pursue writing, which might be a mid-life change as I saw 40 looming. :) I haven't minded aging to far. 40 is def the new 30. :)

  4. You think 40 is bad? Wait'll you turn 50. Forty is, like, let's do new things! 50 is, like, let's order a coffin!
    But I still would like a black on black Camaro...