Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Down

It has just been a downer of a day.

Stephanie flew home this morning, which left Angie and I both in tears.

Later I found out that a friend of mine lost the baby she was carrying - she was 8 weeks along. I tried to offer some support and encouraging words, but I remember all too well that there's really nothing anyone can say.

Later on I bit the head off a co-worker/friend that needed my help. I wasn't angry with him. I was irritated by the situation and lashed out. I apologized later, but I feel like a jerk for having lost my cool.

Angie's still not feeling well, so she was alternatively sad and clingy, with a few dashes of whiny.

I hate it when I feel down in the dumps, because I know that I have so much to be thankful for. As proof of that I got a letter from the radiologist I saw last week telling me that my MRI results are normal. It's not every day that being normal is a positive all the way around :)

Tomorrow I promise to be funny again. Today, you'll just have to forgive me for just being funny looking ;)


  1. Ugh! I am sorry you had such a bummer of a day. It sounds like you're competing with top honors for today's yuckiness. I hope you can have a better night and sleep it off.

    I am elated for your normal MRI results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is totally worth celebrating. :)


  2. Further than your MRI results, I have to comment that everything about your day is perfectly normal. We've all been there.

    If nothing else, it provided you with a D word. Perhaps E could be elated? :D

    Matt Conlon dot com
    Matt's Brew Log

  3. I'm happy about the MRI results too, but it's the PET scan one I usually sweat. I'll get the results of that on the 11th :)