Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog... Perchance to Rant

So, today's question is whether to start a blog, and further whether it should be anonymous or not. First off, I recommend blogging highly. It hones your writing skills, it gives you an outlet, it helps you memorialize your feelings and it prompts interesting discussions! If you're wondering whether you should start a blog or not, the answer is likely yes.

Now, should it be secret? That all depends on you, but be aware that it's not likely to be a secret or anonymous forever. I know that I'm pretty proud of my writing skills, so I am anxious to show my blog to people. At some point you lose track of who all you've shown it to too, and who they might have shown it to as well. I guess I figure why write it if you're not going to share it? Sure, random people may come along, read it and proclaim it to be the best thing they've ever read, but frankly that doesn't happen often. It's like buying the perfect outfit and never going out anywhere in it. Scan through my posts, I've written some fantastic stuff (or so I think) and very few comments. Only a few from anonymous posters that we'll assume tripped over me. You're likely not to be discovered as the next pop sensation while singing in your shower, and you're not likely to be revered for your prose hiding it somewhere on the Internet either.

Ok, so say you make a blog and you post links to it on your Facebook page. What if you want to write a rant? Happens to me all the time. All I can say is that just as some things are better left unsaid, some things are better left unwritten as well. Here's also a place to work on your writing and your communication skills. Explore why you're angry or upset. Blog about that. Maybe it'll open up passages to conversations you've been putting off. Maybe it'll help you realize what's really troubling you. I don't mean to sound sanctimonious, but writing (and blogging) does these things for me. I should do it more actually, it might help.

Don't be afraid of who you are, or of sharing that with people. We're all a work in progress. :)


  1. I've considered blogging myself. I got onto FB to keep in touch with my friends and family, let them know what's going on in my life. Now, due to current situations, I feel like I can't tell my friends what's going on (blog) because other people involved will use my feelings to cause more drama. For example, if I blog about what's going on between me and Mom and Howard sees it, he will get involved and it will become more of a drama than it already is which I really don't need. Why not just keep a private diary? Blog to God/dess, Tinkerbell, yourself, whomever - at least it doesn't cause more problems.

  2. I have to agree with you. I got onto FB to keep in touch with everyone, but have found that if I express myself and/or rant about something that is going on, there is at least one or two people who are going to start some sort of drama over it (even it if does not pertain to them). I have done some blogging, but nothing dramatic (in fact, I can't even remember my name or password - lol).

    I do think you have inspired me to begin again and let the cards fall where they may. In this world of so many imperfect people, why do people expect everyone to be perfect? I'm imperfect, I make mistakes and hell yea, I like to rant.

    Thanks for inspiring me to try this again.


  3. Good points Wendy, I guess it depends on what's going on in your life that's inspiring you to write. I sort of wished I'd blogged more when I was dealing with cancer, might have helped me more. But then again, I didn't think I needed help. Isn't that paradoxical? LOL

    Jan, you seem surrounded by a lot of negativity. Sounds like you need to either cut those people out of your life, or figure out some way not to let them get to you. You're not the cause of their issues, they are. :)

  4. Hey Dy,
    Remember how I told you I was thinking about doing an Anonymous Blog? Well, I didn't actually do a "blog," but I opened a FB account under another name and started a group to rant and rave on. Well, it was a flop. First of all, I had trouble finding friends because I was anonymous. :( duh! Then I figured out a way to get some people to add me, but then when I plugged the group... no one took a bite.
    Oh well... so much for that idea. I am going to try the blogging on Blogger and see what happens with that.
    Well, I am not giving up the idea of the blog tho, so thanks for your encouragement. :)