Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I believe

Random thoughts and partial postings from this week's school discussions...

I believe that a person's relationship with God cannot be defined. It must be experienced to be truely understood. Just like there are preconceptions about what a marriage should or should not be, there are attempts by religions to define, control or propose a correct way to include God in one's life. Consider this, my relationship with my spouse is unique to us and could not be replicated were I to be with another person. Nor is our relationship exactly like that of any another couple. It is unique, just like any relationship is.

So, it seems an easy conclusion that one's relationship with a higher being would only be that much more unique.

When I was Catholic the idea of Confession always bothered me. God knew exactly what I'd done, and more importantly he knew if I was sorry about it or not. Why involve a third party in a very private conversation?

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