Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You know... any time you brag...

So I brag about my daughter if given the slightest provocation. Shocking news, I know.

Yesterday my boss' boss asked me how Angie was doing and I happily told him that she can count forward and backward from 1-20 in English and had taught herself to count from 1 - 10 in Spanish. (I've actually since found that she can count higher than that in Spanish, actually). (See? There I go again...).

Angie counts all the time and, as I told him, realizes that one, two, three... mean the same thing as uno, dos, tres... because she was counting the eyelets on my shoes Sunday night in Spanish.

She's so smart!

Well it never fails, as soon as I brag about her she does something that leaves me wondering. LOL

Monday night as I was making dinner I look over to see Angie dunk her face/head in the dog's water bowl. Then she looks up, face and hair dripping with water, as if she's confused about why she's now all wet. It was hilarious.

So, maybe she won't start college at five. Maybe when she's six!

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