Sunday, June 21, 2009

It looks so bad... but it tastes so good!

Let's face it, sometimes the best tasting food - if examined - is pretty gross. Take greasy tacos for example - heaven! But they're often pretty gross looking and let's not even talk about how bad they are for you. But to eat... sooooooo yummy!

So this morning I made corned beef hash for Father's Day breakfast. As I emptied the can of hash into a frying pan Ginger, the Lab, looks at me as if to say "Mom, I appreiciate the effort, but
you can feed me my dog food straight out of the can."

Let's face it, it does look like dog food. It pretty much smells like it too, but it's our guilty pleasure breakfast food. We don't have it often, but sometimes it really hits the spot. Again, let's not discuss calories or fat content, shall we?

I used to think that I liked to be somewhat informed on the world around me, but you know, I really don't. Take McDonald's for example. They now have nutritional information on the side of a Big Mac box and on the side of fries! If I wanted to eat healthy, I wouldn't be at McDonald's!! Do I really want/need/care to know this stuff? NO!
So I shall enjoy my guity pleasure food, say "yeah yeah yeah" to the voice in my head that suggests that it's not good for me and will only go to my hips, purposely ignore the nutritional information on items that should never advertise that information and eat salads every day for lunch to make up for it. Informed? Nah, I like living in my little box. Besides, my husband makes great salads :)

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