Monday, September 8, 2008

Parental Guidance Suggested

Warning: Today's blog's content may be disturbing and totally freak most men out.

If I've learned one thing about kids, it's that your life becomes all about distraction. The baby's crying, distract her! The child is tugging at you when you're working on homework, distract her!

So anytime you find something that will distract said child when she's fighting you to change her diaper, you're grateful!

Enter the tampon. Now every girl develops an obsession with tampons at some point in her life. It goes hand in hand with the whole "I'm a woman now!" thing that was exciting when we started hearing about it around 8 years old, and after it happened soon lost its luster as we realized it was just a messy, painful inconvenience. (yeah yeah, I get the whole portal of humanity concept, but still)

So Angie found a box of tampons under my sink and excitedly will grab a handful of them and parade around the house. It's very cute and funny to me, but freaks my husband out. One of them ended up in her room and I use it to distract her when changing her diaper - which is often a battle. Poor Lenny walked in the other day to see her playing with it and was all upset. It's still safely in its wrapper and really, it's sterile, or at least was before Monster Baby got a hold of it.

Here's a wonderful article about Elizabeth's brother and sister-in-law. Makes me look at my blog and cringe :)

I have blog-envy.

Stephanie Nielson aka NieNie sure did splash in a lot of puddles.

The article made me think about how NieNie's story was interrupted, but is now being retold across the media in such a positive light. God forbid something happen to me and this blog be my legacy, what a challenge the NY Times will have putting an inspirational spin on my tampon-toting baby story!

And I can just hear teenage-Angie now... MoooOooooMMM!!

hehe :)

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