Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Irony and Religion

Ever notice how irony and religion seem to meet from time to time? Not necessarily in a negative way. Consider the times you've been in church, struggling with a problem, and the pastor starts talking about that very subject. Irony!

Well, how ironic is it that I've received two very different invitations this week? The first came from Wen' who invited me to a Autumn Equinox Celebration. Wen' is a self-proclaimed eclectic Pagan and she's throwing together a pot-luck lunch this Sunday with some crafting and games. Good, clean Pagan fun. Wen' is very Mother Earthy, which is cool.

My second invitation is to join Elizabeth and her family next Sunday for a Children's Festival at her church. This also sounds like a lot of fun, and an opportunity for Angie to meet some other kids and for me to meet Elizabeth's family, especially her Mom. Now, I know Elizabeth's Mom has had 11 children of her own, but I wonder if she'd like to adopt a 12th? Twelve is a nice, even number, right? I'm pretty low maintenance. Elizabeth speaks so highly of her Mom, and tells such wonderful, loving stories about her, that I think she makes up a good 33% of the envy I've mentioned about Elizabeth's family and faith. I know that's how I want my daughter to feel and talk about me when she's grown up. Makes me sad about my relationship with my own mother, I know I don't want that for Angie and I. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

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