Friday, April 8, 2016

Great Games #AtoZChallenge

I have always loved playing games and luckily my family does too. Our current favorites are:

Monopoly Deal will feel familiar, since it's based on Monopoly. Same properties, but completely new rules. And the best part, the hands are quick - like 15 minutes! You might think you're ahead, but don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself losing your properties and the game. Angie picked this game up very quickly when she was still 7, but it's fun for kids and adults alike. Highly recommended.

Phase 10 is a lot of fun, but will take much longer to play. You have to complete 10 different phases (hands) to win the game. You keep score after each hand, but if you're the first one to finish all of the phases, you win regardless of what your score is. The Skip cards in this game can be played against anyone, not just the person to your left, which adds to the fun. You can play two player, but the more players you have the more fun it is. Angie also picked this one up quickly at 7, and it's also not just a game for kids. Bonus, I had her keep score, which helps with her addition skills. Also highly recommended. 

What games do you and your family play? Any recommendations? We're always in the market for new games :)


  1. Just stopping by randomly from the A-Z. Monopoly is such a great game. I haven't heard of Monopoly Deal - or Pase 10, they sound challenging! Scrabble is great ... there are one or two others whose names I can't think of for the moment. Chess is great as are jigsaw puzzles!

    1. Thank you for dropping by Susan :)

      You should check them out, loads of fun. We play Scrabble too, but I've never mastered chess. I love puzzles too!